and the story was told that the guys of the third floor of scott hall snuck a keg into the dorms on their last night and probably their greatest party ever in the dorms, the photos tell the tale of our favorite lady: Lucy the keg:

The Start

Keg Standing on Lucy

The Rest


all the pictures are at a good resolution suitable for making a background on your computer or something crazy like that. If you think you need a bigger size let me know. I corrected a lot of the red-eye (thanks for all you jackasses who wore white shirts and made it worse) but i'm sure I missed a few. Overall I took 97 or so photos and most are up here.

Picture Whores of the Night: Eric (happens with what 6 keg stands), Jesus and Jeff

If anyone else has digital pics they want me to put up, i've got no problem doing that just send me the files.

These are my favorite photos of the night:

1. Jesus is one of the few who seemed to do the whole keg stand with his eyes open, or I just happened to catch nearly everyone at the exact moment they closed their eyes. Plus its just a cool shot with some of the beer leaking out and his feet visible.

2. Jeff looks like hes gonna puke. All that needs to be said. Wait jeff I know what your thinking right now " I hate you keith" .